In his dialogue with Rose El Youssef:
The university president talks about the problems of Workers, Academic staff, Student activities, the university hospital, beside the university film, new constructions and faculties , revenge in Upper Egypt and his vision for the future



Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President conducted a comprehensive dialogue with website of Rose El Youssef newspaper who talked about the supervision committee on the university dormitories, the workers academic staff and the university role in the political awareness for students, as well as its role in community service.
The university president praised the university film that produced by the university studio through media department and the university newspaper, he also mentioned the role university in the educational activities for students, on the other hand, he referred to the president of Association of Arab Universities was praised the university in conference of Erbil in Iraq, beside the scientific agreements for the university and most recently Yemen agreements, Moreover the university president praised the university Hospital’s role that provided services for citizens.