STDF new call: Sustainable Development of Sinai (pre-proposal, deadline 20/5/2013)



How to apply

In order to apply for the grants, you have to go through the following steps (accessible through the links on the left menu)
Please read carefully the Call for proposal (available in PDF format), Pre-proposal Application form (available in doc format) in order to get acquainted about the details of the grants.

Please fill in the following information on the website:
General Data: In this section, you must fill in some general information.

Research team members: In this section, you will fill some information about Research tea members (Name, Title,Organization).

Uploading Documents: In this section, you will have to UPLOAD your filled application form (in PDF Format only).

Application Status: This section shows the status of your application and report on any errors in it (files not uploaded, sections not filled, etc.)

Please note that your application is completely "Editable" and "Changeable" until you press the button called "Submit". Once submitted, you will be able to review your application only.


While the Advisor pointed to hold a workshop during this camp in order to discuss the new student bylaw, as he called for a continuous dialogue and meaningful between students and officials of activities in the universities, beside exchanging of holding activities among the universities, he also praised scout camp at South Valley University. On the other hand, there was an open dialogue with participating students in the camp during the meeting, where he discussed all student issues, in addition to activate their role in volunteer work at the universities.