Training program on skills of work in Postgraduate and cultural relations



Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president it is hold training program for postgraduate and cultural relations and scientific for workers in the period from 22-24/4/2013, where the university president confirmed that the program aims to develop the skills of workers in postgraduate to activate the cultural dealing and scientific between the Egyptian and Arab universities ,as well as dealing with postgraduate students ,while Prof . Dr Mahmoud Khodary ,Vice President for postgraduate pointed out that the training program for three days and addresses the function of postgraduate and cultural relations and scientific, beside its importance in the education sector and its role in community development , moreover the types of research and how to register scientific research . The program also addresses missions , vacations and diplomas enrollment and degrees and tuition fees in postgraduate in addition to laws that organizing the work in cultural relations and scientific ,also procedures of secondment for academic staff under the supervision of public administration for organization of and administration