The university president concludes his visit to Yemen by agreements with the universities of Yemen


Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University President concluded his visit to Yemen after the signing scientific agreements with the universities of Yemen, where these agreements provide for the exchange of scientific expertise and academic as well as postgraduate and student knowledge in various fields. During signing with Hadidia university, Prof. Dr. Hussain Qady, the University President explained the stages of the University establishment, its various faculties , academic curriculum , new departments and its various activities beside hosting various international scientific conferences and research centers

The university president emphasized on the importance of agreement to promote the cooperation and exchange of scientific expertise as well as academic individuals , technical and administrative beside student exchange for postgraduate between the two universities, where Prof. Dr. Abbas the university president expressed his happiness signing of the agreement with Hadidia University that pursues high academic method for contributing to the benefit between the two universities in academic and research fields. Moreover he briefed on the final equipments for Faculty of Medicine at Hadidia University at a cost of two billion riyals

It was attended the agreement Vices-President of Hadidia University, Dr. Ahmed Hammadi , Dr. Abdo Hdich and Cultural Counselor of the Egyptian embassy in Yemen, Dr. Mansour Alnubi and of the University president of Yemen, Prof. Dr. Majid Alwan, where Prof. Dr. Mansour Alnubi, Cultural Counselor of Egypt and Director of Cultural Center in Sana'a emphasized in a statement to Agency of Middle East News that the Egyptian Cultural Center will do its effort in supporting the cooperation between Egypt and Yemen in the higher education and universities beside exchange of experiences between them.

He added that the efforts of the Cultural Center under the auspices of Ambassador Ashraf Aqeel ,Egypt's ambassador in Yemen has succeeded in supporting and increasing scholarships for Egyptian students; where government of Yemen decided to increase the number of scholarships for Egyptian students in its universities from 30 to 40 grants annually in the framework of strengthening cultural relations and educational between the two countries.

It is noted that the visit of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour has taken three days where he signed memoranda of understanding and talked with a number of presidents of universities in Yemen, including Sana'a and Yemen.