Prof. Dr. Rifai succeed in conducting (2) surgery of the knee joint at the level of Upper Egypt


After his attending orthopedic surgery conference in America which was held in Chicago in the period from 19-24/3/2013 for discussing the latest medical developments in orthopedic surgery and knee joint surgery .

Prof. Dr. Hisham Al-Rifai, head of orthopedic department in University Hospital and his Associate team succeeded in conducting the first (2) surgery of knee joint replacement through global specifications at the university hospital.


Where he conducted the first case for patient at the age of 53 years from Dishna, Qena for artificial knee joint surgery and the other case of a girl at the age of 20 years, for artificial hip joint surgery, as well as thanking all officials at university hospital, adding that both cases were treated at the state's expense and they in a stable condition.

While Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president thanked the orthopedic team in the hospital for their efforts stressing that the university will continue perform its mission to the citizens.