Symposium on “Initiative on Egypt is free of C Virus” at the University Hospital in conference hall


It was held Symposium on “Initiative on Egypt is free of C Virus” in conference hall at the University Hospital in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hamdi Hussein the Dean of Faculty of Medicine , Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Abu Al-kasem, Deputy of Ministry of Health , Prof. Dr. Salah Shadi , Manager of Health Sector in Misr Al-Khair Foundation , Dr. Ahmad Rashad ,Director of Preventive Medicine, eng. Nabil Ezzat , Library Director of Misr Al-Khair Foundation in Qena , Mr. Mohamed Fangery , Undersecretary of youth and sports ministry and academic staff , their assistants and hospital doctors.

prof. Dr. Hamdy Hussein, the Dean of Faculty of Medicine expressed on his happiness to hold this Symposium in the University Hospital, stressing its role in serving the local community and providing medical service for citizens as well as cooperation between the hospital and Misr Al-Khair Foundation which succeeded greatly in providing service projects to upper Egypt and then he explained the symptoms and treatment of C Virus in addition to the latest methods of treatment

On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Mamdouh Abu Al-kasem ,Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Qena o talked about the achievements of Misr Al-Khair and providing services to citizens of the province also he praised the medical level of the University Hospital by hosted the international medical experts , thanking Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president on his great attention of the university and Prof. Dr. Hamdy Hussein, in for his efforts ,he also talked about the efforts of health ministry in Qena in the treatment of C virus by providing the medical services for people.

Moreover, Eng. Nabil Ezzat, Office manager of and Misr Al-Khair Foundation thanked the university president and Dr. Hamdy Hussein for their cooperation with the Foundation for the community service.
On the sidelines of the Symposium it was held an agreement between Misr Al-Khair Foundation with the Ministry of Health and Population for setting plans for the project " Initiative on Egypt free of C Virus ", which implements by Misr Al-Khair Foundation by training the public hospital and 3 central hospitals as well as 5 health units.