On the sidelines of Environment week:
Afforestation Camp and beautification for the university streets


Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary, Vice President for Postgraduate confirmed in his speech that the attention of the environment will impact on the surrounding community and also emphasized that the care of the River Nile is one of the most important environmental issues, where south valley university interested in the environment sector and organizing symposiums , convoys and conferences , it is also interested in scientific research and research projects through the postgraduate sector ,as well as student activities and meetings through Student Affairs sector, and that came in the opening events of 5th Environment week which will continue even March 14, 2013 in Qena, Luxor and the Red Sea under auspices of Prof. Dr. Mustafa Massad , Minister of Higher Education , Prof. Dr. Khaled Fahmy, Minister of State for Environmental Affairs and Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president.

On the other hand, prof. Dr. Sayed Taha, Vice President for Environmental affairs and the supervisor of Environment week confirmed that the university is keen to hold this week, which serves the environment in the surrounding community at the university and this is one of the most important roles of the university , he also pointed that this week includes many activities of various environmental such as Afforestation camp and public service , medical convoys and veterinary as well as seminars for raising awareness of environment at the university and its branches for students, in addition to the blood donation campaign and medical campaign of medical analysis for C virus.

While Dr. Yasser Ahmed Mustafa, office manager of environment ministry in Qena pointed to the importance of establishing communication Office in the university in order to contact office environment in Qena with the university for taking care of student thoughts as well as establishing a science museum to preserve the environment and confirming on activating the cooperation protocol with the Central Laboratory at the University for community service and solving environmental problems.

On the sidelines of 5th environment week, it was opened products exhibition of Special Units which included vegetable products, fruits, ornamental plants, bee products mushrooms and animal production it was also afforestation camp as well as beautification for the university streets. Moreover it was opened plastic Arts Exhibition that organized by Art Education Department at Faculty of specific Education, Qena.