Symposium on Systemic Education at SVU



Under Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president, Faculty of Education held Symposium on “Systemic Approach and Management” lectured by Dr. Farouk Fahmy, Director of Science Education Center in Ain Shams university previously , where he talked about the most important points of Systemic Education such as Change Management, Quality Management and Crisis Management, pointing out the difference between linear change “ a change in one aspect of the organization and systemic change “a change in all aspects of the organization together” which is required to promote all aspects together, he also added that Systemic approach leads to systemic thinking , while Systemic approach in management is comprehensive change management through clear plans, so each change has set of determinants such as values, customs , traditions, education system and knowledge structure for individuals, in addition to media ,culture, family and community


On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al- Faitouri, Professor of chemistry at Benghazi University, Libya talked about aspiration of the Libyan people to a better future, also he pointed out the democratic transition in Egypt, where he calls everyone to renounce differences and uphold the interests of the country, Moreover Prof. Dr. Refat Bahgat , the faculty dean added that is needed to change old bylaws and interest in basic science as well as integrating subject of systemic approach of change in curriculum of Faculty of Education, and that in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hefni Ismail, Vice President for Student Affairs and Dr. Sameh Rehan, professor at Faculty of Education and number of academic staff