The university president, Ambassador of India and Qena Governor open exhibition of relations between Egypt and India



Mr. Navdeep Suri, Ambassador of India and Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president , Gen. Adel Labib, Qena Governor , Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary, Vice President for postgraduate and Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail , Vice President for Student Affairs opened exhibition of relations between India and Egypt, which is held on the sidelines of celebrations of Indian culture days which hold in South Valley University in the period from 18-20 /2/2013 , where India's ambassador praised the depth of relations between Egypt and India since July Revolution where the relation between the two countries characterized privacy and excellence, while the exhibition included development of relations between Egypt and India throughout history and images reflect this development.

During the opening of events of Indian Culture Days Mr. Navdab Suri, ambassador of India in Cairo confirmed on the depth of relations between India and Egypt throughout history since the 20 century , when the leaders of the national liberation in India and Egypt were in permanent contact to confront the occupation, pointing out that India was one of the first countries which supported January 25 Revolution and Egypt during this transitional period , he also pointed to the volume of trade exchange between Egypt and India has reached to 4% billion dollars in all commercial fields and economic, furthermore the ambassador pointed out those Indian investments in Egypt provides (35000) job opportunity for youth and also there is cooperation between the two countries in the field of distance education and telemedicine.
While Gen. Adel Labib, Qena Governor confirmed that Egypt and India were the backbone for establishing Organization of Non-Aligned Countries and also cooperated to face racial discrimination and looting people revolutions and official relations confirms on reflection of the common culture between the two countries, he also added that was discussed aspects of joint cooperation between the two countries in all fields, where province of Qena has mineral wealth and human energy that serve the investment between Egypt and India, moreover he emphasized that the Indian cultural heritage is similar to Egyptian heritage and Egypt looks toward a better future for their people by working and attracting investment , he also thanked Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president, academic staff and students where he praised the university’s efforts for citizens through community service.
On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president expressed his happiness with holding Indian culture days in South Valley University, where it is a good opportunity to achieve exchange knowledge and cultural as well as exchanging experiences among students, where the university established center of Job qualification in cooperation with Shura Foundation for Development and world learning organization for preparing and qualifying youth to the labor market, he also added that Indian culture is variety and Egypt admired to India's experience in the field of information technology and small-scale industries while he demanded to benefit from this event .

At the end of the meeting, there was open dialogue between the audience and the Indian ambassador where he answered many questions about India's experience in small-scale industries and agricultural development, while Ambassador of India and Qena Governor in addition to the university president exchanged gifts and commemorative shields.