After Open education successful :
South Valley University prepares to open new academic center for Egyptian E-learning University



Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour the university president received Prof. Dr. Yasser Dakroury , President of Egyptian E-learning University and Prof. Dr. Hossam Fahim ,Vice-President in order to choose the headquarters of Egyptian E-learning University at South Valley University which will be the fourth place on the level of public universities after Ain Shams, Tanta and Assiut, where Prof. Dr. Yasser Dakroury declared that Egyptian E-learning University started since 2008 over four years in Ain Shams, Tanta and Assiut by three faculties included Computer and Information sciences, Business Administration and Educational Studies for postgraduate, as well as establishing five faculties including Media, Engineering, Economics, law and languages and translation, confirming that the new center has great benefit to the students through distance learning which is a model electronics exists inside the public universities, he also added that we insure all requirements, provided that the university provides the place for the university headquarters, which it allows distance learning for students, especially remote places, where the student can follow any lecture and interact with the lecturer or download lectures via the internet. On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed that the university welcomes establishment of a new academic center for Egyptian E-learning University, that is new educational addition for citizens of Qena after the university was proactive in opening open education and now Egyptian E-learning University. He also mentioned that was selected the headquarters of Egyptian E-learning University at South Valley University in building of Open Education. Furthermore the training or lesson in classroom at this university is an electronic communication system makes a group of people are in distant locations and different to meet with each other through there a teacher who might be in another country away from the students to study subject for helping them to understand the texts by using computer and communications technology, therefore the environment of Egyptian E-learning University helps in providing electronic campus in homes or workplaces and student can use computer in any time to get the suitable education.