Prof. Dr. Abbas Mnasour , Head of arbitrators commission at University of Bonn as well as sessions of International Conference of Geological Survey at Saudi Arabia



Prof. Dr. Abbas Mnasour, the university president returned from Germany after chaired arbitrators commission at University of Bonn for discussion of Doctoral Thesis by assisting three German supervisors as he one of the distinguished professors and old in geology researches and studies ,as well as he arbitrated many theses and scientific research inside and outside Egypt , where Dr. Khalid Abd Al-Fattah provided thesis entitled (The negative impacts of factories built on the Nile River and the sediments) and the scholar was granted doctoral degree in presence of a large number of Egyptian and German .
On the other hand, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mnasour also chaired sessions of Geological Survey Conference at Saudi Arabia entitled (Origin , formation and environment of the Red Sea) as a professor and geology expert ,beside presenting a research on “Coral Reefs in the Red Sea” in the period from 2 – 5 /2/ 2013.