Dean of Faculty of Medicine:
-Establishment of Cancer Institute in Qena and High School of Nursing
-Opening Lithotripsy Unit and outpatient clinics for citizens in the evening



Prof. Dr. Hamdi Hussein, Dean of Faculty of Medicine in Qena confirmed that the university hospital will witness large medical achievements in next days serve the region include establishment of Cancer Institute and High School of Nursing in order to plug the deficit in nursing department , it will also witness opening Lithotripsy unit in few days and studying opening reception department at the hospital, as well as the frequent visits of foreign doctors with high efficiency, where the hospital currently hosting Prof. Dr. Newman, professor of orthopedic surgery and his visit takes four days in order to examine cases and conduct surgeries free , beside giving lectures to students.

He added that the University Hospital’s reputation and medical efficiency was contributed in signing an agreement between the university and Dutch and German universities in the exchange of visits and sending medical convoys in various disciplines to the University for Community Service, on the other hand expecting visit of the cardiac surgery expert to the hospital soon.

Prof. Dr. Hamdi Hussein confirmed that outpatient clinics work for the first time in two shifts to serve the citizens, beside the beginning of the hospital procedures in the campus and supporting it with (265) employee after addressing the Ministry of Planning, in addition to procedures of the largest emergency unit at the level of Middle East and Africa. He also thanked Prof. Dr. Abbas Mnasour for his efforts in signing these agreements through his previous visits to Germany and his supporting to the hospital with requirements as far as possible.

While he added that was provided buses to transport employees from the hospital to gastroenterology hospital at the university, furthermore providing the health care and treatment tickets, as well as establish a nursery for the children of employees and doctors at the hospital soon.