The German expert examines the cases who came from provinces of Egypt at University Hospital

In his dialogue to the university website :
Prof. Dr. Newman is happy with using the metal thorax that was invented in Egypt



The German expert of orthopedics surgery examined most cases at the University Hospital in Qena who were attended from governorates of Egypt, and in his dialogue to the university website , he expressed his pleasure to his second visit to the University Hospital, praising all modern medical possibilities at the hospital , he also confirmed on using the metal thorax to control the backbone and will be used in conducting surgery tomorrow. For sports medicine in orthopedic surgery, Prof. Dr. Newman confirmed that there are modern medical devices are used in the treatment of sports injuries in Germany, stressing that was selected the hardest cases for conducting the surgeries.

on the other hand, Prof. Dr. Hisham Rifai thanked the German expert on his generosity to examine all cases and select cases that require surgery