SVU Council decides:

-Approval of Memorandum of Understanding with Shura Foundation for Development
- Establishing Public Service Center for Conferences and Marketing Scientific Research



South Valley University council in its meeting at the university headed by Prof. Dr. Abbas Mnasour, the university president approved on Memorandum of understanding with Shura Foundation for Development for establishing Center of Increasing Agricultural Production and farmer services, establishing Job Qualifying Centre as well as Salasel project “Pro-poor Horticulture Value Chains in Upper Egypt”. The council also approved on establishing Public Service Center for Conferences and Marketing Scientific Research at the university and establishing Training Center and Commercial Studies at Faculty of Commerce as a special unit, as well as postgraduate bylaw of Faculty of Agriculture according to credit hours system, beside expenditure reward for all employees at the university on the occasion of the birthday of Holy Prophet about (20) day of basic salary, the council also decided on nomination of Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Hashem Abd Al-Qader, Professor of photochemistry and the president of German University in Cairo for Nile Award for Science and Advanced Technology in 2012, the nomination of Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Mustafa Ibrahim, professor of gastroenterology and liver in Theodor Bilharz Institute, Cairo university for State Appreciation Award in medical science in 2012 , Prof. Dr. Saad Zaghloul Reda ,Professor and Mathematics Department Head, Faculty of Science, Qena for King Faisal International Prize in 2014 and Prof. Dr. Mohammed Abbas Ibrahim Faculty of Arts at the University of Alexandria for State Appreciation Award in social science in 2013 SVU council also approved on appointing as assistant professor both of Dr. Amal Ahmed Mahmoud and Dr. Abdul Rahman Salim Sulaiman at Faculty of Science, Dr. Mohamed Mahfouz Al-Zahry at Faculty of Arts, Dr. Mohamed Sayed Abd Al-Qader, Faculty of Medicine , and appointing as lecturer both of Dr Nader Fathi Mohammed Abd Al-Ghani, Dr. Ahmed Saied Ahmed Ali, Faculty of Arts and Dr. Raafat Shep Al-Hamid Baheg at Faculty of Agriculture , as well as granting PhD degree to students / Hanan Shabana Ibrahim , Hagag Ahmed Sayed at Faculty of Arts and Master degree to student/ Ibrahim Khalil Mohammed, Al -Abbasi Mahmoud Mohammed, Solav Kamal Muhammad, Nahed Sahry Bershawy , Asmaa Abdul Hares Saad Al-Din at Faculty of Education and Amal Ahmed Abdul Qader, Faculty of Science , beside both of students / Nahed Abu Saoud Mohammed , Sherihan Haroon Mohamed Awad , Zainab Ali Mohamed Ismail, Sherihan Mahmoud Abu Al- Hassan and Hassan Mahmoud Yousef Mohammad at Faculty of Arts, while Walid Khader Mohammed ,Reham Hassan Riad , Amany Seyed Jaber Mohammed and Dalia Ahmed Ibrahim at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine as well as Adel Ahmed Abd Al- Hafiz and Ahmed Hassan Salim at Faculty of Physical Education.