Ongoing cooperation between Ministry of Finance and the university:
-Conclusion of the training course on “Automation of financial administration for governmental accounting”
-The university president: I welcome the successful cooperation and we must commit ourselves to raise the nation


In the framework of implementing the Ministry of Finance programs for accounting units at South Valley University and after approval of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president on traveling the officials of accounting units for training at the ministry for a week ,as well as Continuous of the cooperation between Ministry of Finance and the university, the ministry sent to the university a team consisted of Dr. Ali Hussein and Mr. Hassanein Sayed, Mr. Mohammed Mubarak as well as Mohammed Mr. Osama Abu Al-Fadl from accounting sector and financial directorates, where they trained all accounting units at the university under auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president who pointed during his attending to the need for developing the university through implementing the training programs and applying the modern systems beside motivating employees to continue in this system ,he also welcomed the successful cooperation between the university and minister of finance .
On the other hand, Mr. Ahmed Hefny, General Secretary confirmed on periodic monitoring to activate the system and solve all obstacles that face the users, at the end of the training course, the Ministry team recommend to be a reference in the activation and monitoring for the following accountants ,Mr. Mohammed Abdo as supervisor on electronic systems at the university, Mr. Mohammad Hashem as an official of automation of accounting units and Mrs. Afaf Abd Al-Razek as an official of technical support but in case of face any trouble in system ,they should be back to the team of ministry.