SVU signs agreement with Shura Foundation and Salasel Project


In the framework of the surrounding community service, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president signed agreements between the university and Shura Foundation for Development Which Provides for establishment of job career center and center of agricultural production increase and farmers service , where the Foundation raises the farmer’s awareness through organizing agricultural symposiums for farmers by agricultural experts specialized in protection and the using of pesticides safely , the foundation also holding the guidance fields inside the university in order to train students and farmers on the new agricultural practices as well as management of agricultural production increase center and farmers service for two years ,beside the university provides training room and office for management in order to establish center of agricultural production increase and farmers service.

on the other hand, It was held an agreement between the university and Salasel project as well as Shura Foundation, where its assisted in developing the capacities of academic staff and employees of the center by organizing the training programs and inviting experts from Egypt and foreign universities, in addition to train 1000 students on labor market skills, hold the career forum and inviting businessmen to provide opportunities work for alumni