Program in SVU “Automation of Financial administration for governmental accounting”


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president it is held Program for Automation of Financial administration for governmental accounting in SVU at the level of accounting units at the university and the Tighter control of budget items in accounting units in the presence of a team from the Ministry of Finance in order to activate and run this program in the period of 17 - 27 December 2012

Dr. Ali Hussein Ahmed, General Director of Computer at Ministry of Finance declared that this program holds according to the instructions of the prime minister and minister of Finance as well as head of the accounts sector and financial directorates.

Where the program aims to tighter control of budget items for accounting units at level of state and it divided into stages, the first phase is automating budgetary accounts for units in order to input the actual outgoing on items of those budgets

He added that the training is for employees of budgetary in order to allocate, promote and work the transactions to the budget items on the first, second, fourth, sixth and eighth items, while program also targets employees of accounting units and representatives of Finance Ministry in institutions for tighter control before the exchange.

Mr. Hassanein Sayed Hassanein , governmental accounting sector at Ministry of Finance added that this program explained a general idea of the project and the program of budget for distributing on the units through the automation and how to conduct allocation , promotion and transfers that were made from the budgetary for accounting units, in addition to how to enter the actual documents at the unit ,as well as training delegates of Finance Ministry beside how to review the documents on the system and make sure to allow the item through the system.

The Ministry of Finance team included Mohammed Mubarak Soliman, Mohammed Al-Sayed Abdul Aziz, governmental accounting sector and Osama Abu Al-Fadl Al-Tahir, directorates of Finance in Ministry of Finance, while participated in the program from outside the university three accounting units included accounting unit of Faculty of Islamic Studies, Al-Azhar University in Qena and Real Estate Taxes and the higher education sector in Qena.