Training program in SVU "Procedures of Employee affairs"


Under auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , the university president , and within the framework of efforts in the field of training for developing capacities and employee experiences at the university , the training administration in the puplic administration for organization and management has organized program (Procedures of of Employee affairs ) for employees in employees affairs units at the Central administration , Faculties and the Dormitories , where the university president confirmed that the program objective is development of functional employees capacities as well as educating them scientifically and practically in the Procedures of employees affairs. On the other hand, Mr. Ahmed Hefni, Secretary –General added that this program involved trainers with administrative efficiency from Directorate of Administration and Management in Qena , as well as the Director of Insurance and Pensions at the university , in order to raise the efficiency of employees and train them on the new in the field of employee affairs in all departments, the training was attended by (26 ) employees from employee affairs units at puplic administration of employee affairs , faculties and Dormitories.