Positive & Negative Effects of January 25th Revolution in Egyptian Character


Community Service and Environment Sector organized a symposium under the auspices of president of the university Prof. Dr. Abba Mansour in cooperation with Supreme Council of Culture entitled "Positive & Negative Effects of January 25th Revolution in Egyptian Character" lectured by President of Egyptian Psychiatric Association Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha who confirmed that Egyptian people enjoyed with civilization in genes and culturally , geographically and genetically unique .He added that achieving any renaissance required teamwork and the need to invest in the social fabric and talked about positive steps to mental health as defined by the World Health Organization .The meeting included an open dialog between him and attendants…Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail ,Dean of Faculty of Arts Prof. Dr. Korashy Abbas, Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Prof. Dr. Salah Selim , Head of Department of Psychology Prof.Dr. Mohammed Al-Sayed Abd Al-Wahab , Member of Psychology Committee in Supreme Council for Culture Dr. Safia Fath Al-Bab and many of the academic staff and students attended the symposium where Prof .Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the university, dedicated the University Shield to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Okasha as appreciation for his efforts in psychiatry.