Participation of 24 publishing houses in the Book Fair


Pro f. Dr. Gehan Ragab,Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment ,Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, confirmed that the fair included many publishing houses in various scientific disciplines and new versions of books and also organizing the fair at the university would save time. Mr. Ahmed Hefny Obayed , Secretary General of the university ,said that the fair was a good chance for the community and including many publishing houses in various scientific disciplines was a great addition in the world of knowledge. Dr. Heba Al-Kady, Lecturer at Faculty of Arts, confirmed that the fair was a great chance for students to buy books and demanded more versions. Mr. Motawea Fekry, General of Youth Welfare Administartion, said that each year witnessed new activities and the new that year at the book fair was increasing many publishing houses.

Prof. Dr. Ahmed Issa, Dean of Faculty of Archeology, said that organizing the fair yearly was a good chance for the community, adopting community service the fair confirmed the interaction between the university and community and the fair played a part in increasing the community culture.

Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the university, opened the 3rd Book Fair that was held on December 4-13, 2012 with participation of 24 publishing houses and library including books in different fields for adults and children. He confirmed that the fair aim was serving the academic staff and students and activating the university role in serving Upper Egypt emphasizing the importance of good publicity for it. Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary Vice President for Postgraduate confirmed that 24 publishing houses participated in the fair that played a role in increasing the fair visitors. Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail, Vice President for Undergraduate Affairs, said that there were many publishing houses as General Authority for Book, Arab Thought Foundation, Anglo Egyptian Bookshop and Dar Al-Uloom Library.