Training course on Electron Microscope


The Central Laboratory announces a training course on Electron Microscope for students of the Faculty of Archaeology on 5-6/12/2012 under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Wael Farghali, Director of the Central Laboratory, Mr. Ramadan Abd Al-Naim General Manager of the laboratory and Mr. Talat Rushdie Fahmy head of Electron Microscopy unit.

The application is only for innovative models which aimed to raise the efficiency and quality of the educational process to overcome the problems of lack of proportionality with financial and human resources in the conditions of the economic crisis and the lack of adequate funding.

It worth to mention that the program of continuous improvement and Qualification for accreditation adopts the modern innovation concept, where it is not required to be the innovation linked to something completely new, but it is: "finding new solutions to existing problems by giving the opportunity to new activities", and follow methods of Inclusive Innovation that related to innovative solutions of cost-effective, which bring great benefits to large numbers of people with low cost.