SVU organizes: Symposium on “population and development issues in South Valley”


Under auspices of Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president, south valley university organized Symposium on “population and development issues in South Valley” in cooperation with geography department at faculty of Arts and geography committee in Supreme Council of Culture.
Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary, Vice President for postgraduate affairs confirmed on the importance of symposium and its impact therefore it is time to recruit manpower through scientific research that is development basis to community service .. At the end of his speech, he announced a competition in scientific research for students in geography and sociology departments that related to aim of symposium on population and development issues.
Prof. Dr. Fathy Abu Aayana, rapporteur of Geography Commission in Supreme Council of Culture confirmed that the human development is one of the most important elements for development, therefore it must invest our human resources in a good way and he advised students and researchers to the importance of proficiency the work in all fields, pointing out that the activities of the Supreme Council of Culture was done inside the council in Cairo but became moving between provinces.
Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Desouky ,the head of Geography Department and rapporteur of symposium pointed that the symposium discussed a series of studies by researchers entitled "population and development of South Valley”, the geographical" by Dr. Fathi Abu Aayana , "population of upper Egypt between hope and reality" by Dr. Saad Ahmed Hassan , "Population and Development in Upper Egyptians Valley, "by Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Ibrahim," , “unemployment in upper Egypt "by Dr. Ahmed Said Ahmed Ali" , “sociological reconnaissance vision to development priorities in Halaib and Red Sea southern, "by Dr. Ali Al- Din Abd Al-Badie Al-Qsaby" and “New Urban agglomerations between attraction and expulsion of population "by Prof. Dr. Ibrahim Desouky and Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Al-Damrany.