The opening of the 5th annual conference of the Association of integrative medicine and sleep disorders





Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, the Minister of Local Development, Dr. Mohamed Badr, the governor of Luxor and Engineer Yasser ElDesoki the governor of Assiut attend the 5th annual conference of the Association of integrative medicine and sleep disorders, which is organized by Assiut University and will continue until November 19 with the participation of Assiut and Aswan universities, and Alnileen University, Sudan.
In his speech, Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, Minister of Local Development confirms the need to empower the fresh doctors to take advantage of the conference. Dr. Mohamed Badr the governor of Luxor called for the speedy establishment of the Faculty of Medicine in Luxor also he pointed to approve the transfer of Luxor General Hospital to a university hospital.
Dr. Susan Salama, the President of Integrative Medicine Association announced that there are 14 clinics will open its doors tomorrow for patients in conjunction with the activities of the conference to realize the actual benefit for patients.
Dr. Mustafa Kemal president of Integrative Medicine Association and sleep disorders explained that the conference comes within the framework of scientific activity of the association, which represents the annual meeting as a good opportunity in various medical specialties to learn coordination and overlap in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases and access to the latest research and all new in the medical field. In the end of the ceremony the attendants listen to music and traditional songs which was played by South Valley University's band.
The opening ceremony has been attended on Thursday evening by a number of university presidents, including Dr. Abbas Mansour, the president of South Valley University, Dr. Abdul Qader Mohammed the president of Aswan University , Dr. Ahmed Abdo Jue'es the President of Assiut University , Dr. Kamal Hashim; President of Alnileen University, Sudan , Dr. Tarek Gamal Vice President of Assiut University, agents of the Ministry of Health of the Qena , Luxor and Aswan governorates , a number of university hospitals managers from across the republic and a large crowd of doctors from various medical specialties.