In an Interview with Prof. Dr. Sami Salem:
Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour Succeeded in Establishing the University Medical Center after Stopping Five Years


In a dialog with Head of Egyptian Medical Association in Germany Prof. Dr. Sami Salem, he emphasized that the role of syndicates were providing services and social, scientific and recreational activities abroad, strengthening the link and interconnection among them, improving scientific and professional level of doctors, solving professional problems, providing all the medical experiences and assistance to our home as much as possible via high level of medical convoys involving all specializations as convoys of Qena, Aswan, Sohag , Mersa Matruh, Cairo and Alexandria where we provided many new medical devices and ambulances and conducted many surgical operations in all specializations in addition to personnel training and experiences exchange .He also said that the institute played the role of the link between the patient and the doctor or hospital using data transmission technology by telephone ,doctors and their assistants has provided the necessary medical consultations of the disease by telephone .The institute provides specialized medical programs appropriate for each patient according to his condition and also provides the patient with the appropriate equipment and training on how to use at home. About President of the university Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour ,he said that he succeeded in establishing the University Medical Center after stopping five years to serve Upper Egypt and allocating more than 60 acres to establish the area of specialized hospitals and affirmed the success of his visit in Germany in Medicine and also the professional position of the Egyptian physician in most countries of the world. Although the limited available possibilities, the medical facilities has offered the medical service. At the end, he wished to Egypt to be a leader in all specializations.