Places of Electronic Coordination at SVU




 Under the auspices of President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the electronic coordination labs received students of secondary school to register their desires in the first phase to join the faculties. Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour asserted the necessity of providing all comforts and facilitating all procedures at labs that were allocated for the electronic coordination. Moreover, he praised the great efforts of CIC at the university for helping students and facilitating all obstacles that face them. He also declared that the university allocated waiting places for students and parents in front of the labs in Qena, Luxor and Red Sea Governorate. Additionally, Prof .Dr. Mohammed Abul Fadal Badran, Vice President for Students' Affairs, added that the phase would last until July 21,2017.Besides,Dr.Mohammed Omran ,Manager of CIC, asserted that 120 computers were prepared in Qena, Luxor and Hurghada to facilitate all procedures to students.