The university president declares:
-Medical agreements to serve citizens of south provinces
- Supporting the freedom of the university students in activity and expression of opinion


Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the University president declared on his continuation the many Preliminary agreements with major universities and German centers in the field of medicine for developing the work in the University Hospital in Qena and Faculty of Medicine at SVU, where it is expected that those agreements are the beginning of upturn in the medical services that provided to citizens of south provinces by hosting the international famous doctors in various specializations.

One of those agreements for scientific exchange agreement with the Centers for endoscopes and Neurosurgery at the University of Bochum, German, which is one of the largest global centers operating in those disciplines it is expected of a visit of a group famous doctors in those disciplines to the university hospital Qena, in next march in order to the medical services for citizens of south provinces. On the other hand, it was held an agreement with Remote Heart surgery centers in Germany, where was proposed to establish units in the provinces of Qena and Luxor, Aswan and the Red Sea, which through it will be carrying out various remote heart surgeries in cooperation with specialists in this field from South Valley University, in addition to hold an agreement with the obstetrics center at the University of Cologne, Germany in related to scientific exchange and visit the most famous specialists in this field of the University Hospital in Qena.

Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour declared that the university plan for student activities in the current academic year is the university obliged to implement activities of the students, where the distinctive activities at the university such as Arabic fostal competition which will hold for the eight time in next November 2012 at SVU and speed ball championship which will hold in next December at Hurghada, as well as symposiums of Scientific Miracles in the Holy Quran and Sunnah which are held each year at the university, in addition to many of student activities that are held at the level of the university faculties, on the other side , the university president confirmed that the university committed to the bylaw which is preparing now by him where ensured the greater freedom for university students to express their opinions and choose activities, as for the recent administrators crisis in the Egyptian universities, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour , head of the Committee of Five to study and discuss as well as set a solutions the crisis, so he will submit suggestion to the Ministry of Higher Education in order to provide a decent life for workers in the universities and raise levels of social welfare and medical for them.