Chondrectomy by using Laparoscopic surgery


Neurosurgery is one of minor specializations in medicine that needs high efficiency of medical experience. Neurosurgery Department at the University Hospital, Qena achieved significant successes in Upper Egypt. A few days ago president of the university Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour met with specialists and succeeded in conducting an agreement on the medical cooperation in this field in Germany as the president interest and pride on the department achievements.

Dr. Ali Rabea, Lecturer at Neurosurgery Department, mentioned that the department could during a brief period to provide medical devices to cases of tumors and spine and also treatment to it as malignant, benign and Spinal tumors, chondrectomy and exploration. He added that a workshop will be organized on November in the presence of a German expert on autopsy and conducting free surgeries and they receive more than 60 cases although working one day a week in outpatient clinics. He confirmed that what the university president achieved in Germany was a great addition to experiences' exchange and thanked him for his efforts.