Organizing a Symposium Entitled "Media between Freedom and Responsibility after the Revolution"


Under the auspices of president of the university Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour a symposium was organized at Faculty of Arts, Qena entitled "Media between freedom and responsibility after the revolution" where vice president for postgraduate talked about the important role of media showed negatives and positives confirming the importance of organizing workshops to develop capacities and skills.

Prof. Dr. Hefny Ismail, Vice president for Undergraduate Affairs, confirmed the importance of training students of Department of Media and benefit from various media experiences via organizing symposia, training courses and workshops.

Prof. Dr. Qurashi Abbas, Dean of Faculty of Arts, clarified role of the press and media calling Department of Media to work hard. Dr. Sayed Rashad , Deputy Managing Editor of Al-Ahram Newspaper and Head of Heritage Committee of Arab League in media before revolution dominated by the former regime where its role was promoting the regime and justifying its mistakes and then was surprised by era of Satellite TV that revealed lie of official media of the state and also the readable press was control by forming the Supreme Press Council. Unfortunately, the situation of media after revolution didn't change and still as it was. Solving the problem the media in Egypt is represented in media independence and impartial and affecting development and education. Mr. Ibrahim Fahmy, Journalist in Al-Ahram Newspaper, talked about International norms and conventions that discussed media freedom that became an essential part of freedoms and human rights and a mean to communicate ideas and showed the regimes corruption. The symposium attended by head of Media Department Prof.Dr.Abd Al-Aziz Al-Sayed and Dr. Asma Arraam