At the conclusion of his visit to Germany, the university president confirms: German Medical team at the highest level visits the university on the next March

The Egyptian German Physicians Association is a pride for Egypt and Egyptians


Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president confirmed on the welcoming of Germans physicians on all the agreements that have been agreed such as establishment of the Heart Institute for Remote treatment ,the training nurses in Germany through training them by German Physicians in Qena and agreement on cooperation in the brain and nerve diseases, while he also thanked The Egyptian German Physicians and The Egyptian German Physicians Association for their efforts in providing all the facilities and well-funded projects as well as arranging a visit of Germans doctors to Qena.


Noteworthy for them , the volunteer works and service in Egypt in general and South Valley University especially, where the Association members were visited our university more than once and even participated in the therapeutic training as well as the ambulance which were donated , some devices and the beds in the Faculty of Medicine at the university, that was in the framework of the meeting between the university president and specialists in The University of Cologne , in addition to he thanked the German doctors to their wish in visiting Qena and conducting medical examinations on patients in rare specialties, it is also mentioned that The university president's visit to Germany gained a lot of attention from various media, especially establishing the Heart Institute for the remote treatment.