Successful visit of ICTP team to the University


Within the framework of continuous monitoring of ICTP project to Egyptian Universities, specialized committee headed by the executive director of ICTP projects Prof. Dr. Ahmed Hassan Mohammed, the executive director of information at Sohag University Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abu Al-Ezz and project manager of MIS at Sohag University Prof. Dr. Ahmed Aziz visited SVU to monitor the university projects and its achievements and obstacles.

The committee accompanied by supervisor of Communication &Information Center Dr. Mohammed Omeran and projects managers at the university visited Portal ,MIS ,Network and Digital Library Project and some faculties to monitor projects at it and also monitoring marketing team works and E-Learning and Training Project . It is mentioned that information technology is one of the most important elements that supports universities to implement its key requirements of research, education and learning.


It was mentioned that SVU characterized by hosting Professor of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery Prof. Dr. Patrick Ruchat and was able to perform open-heart surgeries and change valves and arteries.