Seminar on Visual Pollution






In the context of the 9th Environmental week organized by SVU under the auspices of Minister of Higher Education Dr. Khaled Atef Abdel Ghaffar and President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, a seminar on visual pollution was organized at Faculty of Education where Prof. Dr. Hussein Ahmed Shahaat defined the visual pollution as the presence of any unwanted sight that can ruin the aesthetic appeal of a specified area. Visual pollution is especially strong in city and urban areas. It can be present in any area from the home to a hectic city street. It can be bad shadow on a television camera, or it can be a large pile of trash on the side of the road that interrupts the view of nearby mountains. It is everyone's responsibility so it is necessary to set strict laws to oblige the all to respect the other’s right in living in places with no pollution.