Holding the 1st Conference for Education Development





In the context of President of the Republic’s recommendations for holding a comprehensive community dialogue to develop education, the 1st Conference for Education Development entitled “Future Vision…..Problems and Solutions”
was held in Luxor under the auspices of Governor of Luxor Dr. Mohamed Sayed Badr and in the presence of President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour. Dr. Mohamed Sayed Badr referred to the importance of education and solving its issues via holding workshops, seminars and conferences .He also asserted the necessity of disseminating values, moral standards and ethical conduct through education .Additionally, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour began his speech with clarifying the objective of education that is preparing a creative graduate who is able to compete and meet the challenges. He also asserted the necessity of providing education for all by building new schools and faculties, referring to the necessity of scientific research , continuing the cooperation between the university and Ministry of Education , applying quality standards to raise the quality of education and developing curricula and the strategic vision.