The President of South Valley University visits the artistic gallery during the 1st International Graphic Conference





Dr. Abbas Mansour, The president of South Valley University, visits the exhibition of Arab crafting plastic arts and spaces for Dr. Ahmed Omar Mohamed graphic design assistant professor at the University of Sharjah in UAE. The exhibition was held during the 1st international Graphic Conference and society service in Luxor 14-16/11/2016. Prof. Mansour praised the exhibition, which includes paintings with a creative vision is also a good opportunity for the participants in the conference (professors and students) to see the paintings.

Dr. Ahmed Omar Mohammed said:  the exhibition includes 22 computer- designed paintings with acrylic, gouache and  prominent colors,  as well as  some paintings of  a new art called Coller or paper folding, to bring the shadow of the painting reflect  the meanings  which enrich the artwork.  The opening of the exhibition was attended by Dr. Saleh Abdel Moa'ti the Dean of the Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor, President of the Conference, Dr. Hazem Mohammed Fathallah graphic professor at Helwan University and the participants in the first international Conference on Graphic and community service in Luxor.