The first scientific conference of the Faculty of Science



The Faculty of Science, South Valley University organized the first annual scientific conference under the supervision of Prof. Abbas Mansour, President of the University and under the supervision of Prof. Mahmoud Khodari Maalah, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Abu Al Fadl Badran, Vice President for Education and Students Affairs.

Prof. Mahmoud Khodari Maalah, Vice President of the University for Graduate Studies and Research, confirm that this conference is a good opportunity to exchange experiences and ideas, hoping that the conference will produce fruitful recommendations and will continue to be organized in the coming years in all Egyptian universities.
Dr. Mohammed Mahjoub Azzouz, Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and President of the Conference pointed out that this conference comes to present developments and provide solutions and proposals and provide alternative solutions. It is also a window to highlight the scientific and research activity during 2016-2017.
The conference presented the activities of the programs of the scientific departments in the faculty through the heads of departments of geology, zoology, mathematics, physics, chemistry and plants.
It is worth mentioning that a presentation was made of the sponsoring company of the conference, Technology Vision for Import, which cooperates with the University in the field of high-precision research on the applications of nanotechnology and the central laboratory.