Medical convoy in “Hew” village, Naj Hammadi


In the framework of the university’s role in community service and dissemination of medical awareness in villages deprived of medical services and under the auspices of Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president and the supervision of prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khadary, Vice President for postgraduate and Research, the community services and environment development sector organized the medical convoy to “Hew” village at Naj Hammadi town with participation of academic staff at faculty of medicine, and that in specializations of Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, Urology, surgery , Ophthalmology , chest and Obstetrics Gynecology , where the convoy treated about 500 person as well as distributing treatment on all cases and transferring the Critical cases into the university hospital in Qena , which included (83) Orthopedics, (91) Internal Medicine, (29) Urology, (50) pediatrics, (112) Ophthalmology,( 24) Obstetrics Gynecology, (43) chest and (10) surgery