In cooperation with Free University of Berlin:
Equal Opportunities for females in Higher Education project at SVU



Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president met with German team for project of Equal Opportunities for females in Higher Education which is implemented by Free University of Berlin in cooperation with Higher Education ministry in four Egyptian universities Cairo, Alexandria, Sohag and south valley university.

The university president confirmed on importance of the project during his meeting, which aims for the advancement of women in the university community as a student, staff member and administrative
Pointing out that female student’s rate at SVU indicates to the place of women and her future in the promotion within the university community, where he also emphasized on coordination between this project and existing projects within the university.

On other hand, Dr. Jehan Rajab, the project coordinator at SVU, added that was prepared Family Support Center on campus, where it will organize training courses for academic staff, female students and employees, in order to support learning skills and work, as well as removing the obstacles that impede successful of women in her professional role and that through the period of project which will continue even to December 2013.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed, the training coordinator of Pathway project and D. Safiaa fatth al-bab, deputy of project manager of equal opportunities for females in higher education at SVU