Symposium on: Agricultural awareness in Al-Ashraf village



within Events of the program of summer convoys that organized by South Valley University under the auspices of prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university President and the supervision of Dr. Mahmoud Khadary , Vice President so the University organized a Symposium on agricultural awareness in Al-Ashraf tribal village, while the first lecture was about some agricultural practices , where Dr. Mahmoud Suleiman, vice-dean for postgraduate spoke on preparing land , water conservation and pollution , the causes of low efficiency of surface irrigation and how to rationalize the consumption of water as well as he pointed to the concepts such as breaking the hard layers and accurate Settlement of the land, While Dr. Ayman Abd Al-Nabi, assistant professor talked about tomatoes and seedlings where he confirmed on making sure of the source and the most important specifications of them
As well as the success of seedlings, planting dates of tomato crop and environmental needs of the crop such of temperature, lighting, the amount of seed that required per acre, irrigation systems and the better fertilization programs that are available , moreover symposium witnessed a large presence of the village citizens.