Recommendations of the 4rth Young Researchers Conference








On Dec.3,2017, the 4rth Young Researchers Conference on Veterinary Medicine and Agricultural Sciences was organized and recommended the following:


  • Emphasizing the importance of scientific research in the community and its role in solving issues that threaten livestock and agricultural production.
  • Taking advantages of researches presented in the conference.
  • Asserting the importance of scientific cooperation between researchers of Faculties of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine through Joint international research researches.
  • Developing the university researchers’ performance and scientific skills.
  • Using the modern technology in the scientific research.
  • Studying causes of death of domesticated migratory birds in Egypt.
  • Inviting to the international youth researchers conference in the next year Luxor and Qena.
  • Inviting the Arabic and foreign students of postgraduate studies to participate in the conference to exchange experience.
  • Increasing the international cooperation between young researchers and encouraging tourism in Egypt.