Together to Eradicate Illiteracy








Under the auspices of President of the University Prof. Abbas Mansour, the university participated in the conference entitled “ Together for Free Literacy Villages” where Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Affairs Prof. Yusuf Al-Garabwy talked about the great role of the university students in eradicating illiteracy in the different governorate, calling them to do their best in that field. It is worth mentioning that the students succeeded to eradicate illiteracy of 14624 citizens in Qena, 5646 citizens in Luxor and 2229 citizens in Red Sea Governorate. Besides, Dr. Essam Kamar, President of General Authority for Adult Education, confirmed that the authority works through creative ideas for eradicating illiteracy with the participation of 575 organizations in that field, referring to the importance of education in developing the community to achieve progress.