Welcoming Ceremony at Faculty of Specific Education








Prof. Abbas Mansour, President of the University, witnessed the welcoming ceremony organized by Faculty of Specific Education where he asserted that the university has done its best to provide a suitable atmosphere for student to be creative. He also referred to the art exhibition that the university would organize to serve the community and help students to present their various works especially students of Faculty of Specific Education, asserting the university planning to provide bicycles for students, academic staff and employees at suitable prices for a clean environment. Additionally, Prof. Mohammed Abul Fadal Badran, Vice President for Students' Affairs, called the students to establish Arts Club at the faculty to serve the surrounding community, recommending them to product what the university and community need from the various products. Besides, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Affairs Prof. Yusuf Al-Garabwy referred to the importance of organizing a production convoy to spread the production culture and use e-marketing to market the college's products. Moreover, Prof. Mustafa Ahmed Ali, Dean of the Faculty, welcomed all the students, calling them to participate in the different activities at the faculty. Finally, an open dialogue was organized between the students and the university president who answered all questions about the education process.