The 1st International Conference on Nanotechnology



Under the auspices of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research Dr. Khalid Abdul Ghaffar, the 1st International Conference on Nanotechnology was opened by President of the University Prof. Abbas Mansour and President of Fayoum University Prof. Khaled Ismael Hamza in Luxor in 3/10/2017 under the slogan” For a better life “ . Prof. Abbas Mansour asserted the importance of scientific research and technology in developing the countries, referring to the university interest in scientific research where specialized centers in the field of Nanotechnology were established with distinguished researchers. He also called researchers to benefit from the conference that serves the community and participates in spreading the scientific research, referring to the university role in serving the local community through medical and awareness campaigns .Additionally, Prof. Khaled Ismael Hamza asserted the importance of scientific cooperation between SVU and Fayoum University especially in the field of Nanotechnology that was applied in the field of reinforced concrete. Besides, Prof. Mahmoud Khodary, Vice President for Postgraduate and Research affairs, talked about the fields of Nanotechnology and risks arising from the use of nanomaterials. Moreover, Vice President for Luxor campus Prof. Saleh Abdel Moaty talked about the university efforts in establishing Luxor campus to serve the citizens of the governorate. Finally, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Affairs Prof. Yusuf Algarabawy asserted that 4 countries “Germany, France, Tunisia and Yemen”,10 universities, National Research Center, Arab Organization for Industrialization and City of Scientific Research in in Borg El Arab participated in the conference.