Holding the 2nd Scientific Conference at Department of Tropical Medicine and Digestive System





 Under the auspices of President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the 2nd scientific conference at Departments of Tropical Medicine and Digestive System was held. Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour praised the national role played by Department of Tropical Medicine and Digestive System at Faculty of Medicine, the University Hospital and Hospitals of Ministry of Health where they presents a model to fight infectious diseases that Egyptian people have long suffered as Hepatitis B and C and to give hope to citizens who lost the hope. Additionally, he talked about the university expansions and building new branches in Luxor and Red Sea Governorate for establishing independent universities as Sohag and Aswan Universities to develop education in upper Egypt. He also referred to the university preparation for establishing specialized hospitals like an emergency hospital, a women's health hospital and a children's hospital to provide comprehensive medical services. Besides, he asserted the leading role of Faculty of Medicine and the university Hospitals in serving the community through the medical campaigns in all areas in Upper Egypt. He also welcomed all the attendees who were more than 200 professors, asserting the necessity of exploiting the opportunities to learn and exchange experiences. Prof. Dr. Hamdy Mohammed, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, asserted the interest of the university and researchers of Department of Tropical Medicine and Digestive System in attending that conference and working on succeeding it, referring to its objectives that were achieving the exchange between the different generations , preparing the medical specialists to develop the scientific movement that is the base of the country progress , instilling the spirit of innovation and reducing many patients' pain. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Ali Abdel Rahman, Head of Department of Tropical Medicine and Digestive System, talked about the conference main objective that was developing the skill and level of doctors to prepare a generation who is able to improve the provided medical service to people, referring to the developments that the department have witnessed at the recent times and SVU president's support.