Leaders Preparation Course



Under the auspices of President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university organized Leaders Preparation Course for students of the university where Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour asserted the university role in developing its students' capabilities. Besides, he referred to the importance of Positive personality in the community that can be a successful leadership in serving the country. He added that destructive criticism does not build a homeland and does not make a leader, asserting the university focus on positive models .He also talked about the importance of facing corruption and working faithfully to face the Internal and external challenges to the homeland. Moreover, Prof .Dr. Mohammed Abul Fadal Badran, Vice President for Students' Affairs, asserted the university role in developing the spirit of leadership in its students and preparing leaders in volunteer work and in all fields. Additionally, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Sadek, Student Communications Officer, asserted the dangerous of Rumors of Wars and its effect on the society, referring to the youth role in building the home through creative ideas and volunteer work to fight the destructive ideas. At the end, Prof. Dr. Hussein Abdel Basset, Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies at Faculty of Education, talked about the current economic conditions of the country and how to participate to improve and develop it through increasing production, rationalizing consumption and investing the resources.