Conference of Ministry of Local Development in Qena








 Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the University, witnessed the conference headed by Minister of Local Development Dr. Mohammed Hesham and Governor of Qena General Abdel Hamid El Hagan with the executive and popular leaders to present the achievements made in Qena and to discuss the investment plan and projects that would be implemented via World Bank Loan. Dr. Mohammed Hesham praised the vital service projects that have been achieved by efforts of the distinguished scientific executive leadership that is capable of harnessing science for development. He also added that 111 Egyptian villages should be converted to productive villages, asserting the necessity of establishing a specific time program to eradicate illiteracy in coordination between Qena Governorate and SVU. Moreover, General Abdel Hamid El Hagan expressed his happiness at visiting Dr. Mohammed Hesham to Qena and opening a number of projects referring to the needs of the governorate. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour welcomed Minister of Local Development, praising his great efforts in eradicating illiteracy referring to the university efforts in training students to be a nucleus in the productive villages by organizing training courses at Faculty of Agriculture and some of the university faculties.