celebrating the 4th anniversary of June 30 revolution


Governor of Qena General Abdel Hamid El Hagan and President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour have witnessed the celebration of the 4th anniversary of June 30 revolution organized by Qena governorate in the Nile Corniche with the presence of Assistant Minister of Interior General Salah Hassan, the military advisor, a number of security leaders, heads of city councils and Christian clergy with the participation of a large number of Qena people. The governor in his speech congratulated the President of the Republic, the Egyptian people, the people and leaders of Qena governorate on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of the June 30 revolution, asserting the importance of that celebration where the citizens demonstrated the strength and will of the Egyptian people. Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour referred to the effect of that revolution that achieved the security for its citizens, recommending to unite and cooperate to face the difficulties and challenges. At the end, he thanked and honored the families of martyrs of the armed forces and the police.