Equal Opportunities for females in Higher Education



Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the president of South Valley University receipted Dr. Florien koastal , Office Manager of Free University Berlin (Germany) in Cairo in order to discuss methods of cooperation and project that participated between the two universities, where the meeting was in the framework of project of equal opportunities for females in higher education under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education.
The university president confirmed that there is no any discrimination in the university and the only criterion within the university is the excellence, pointing out the ratio of females students at the university is more than 60% and that proof of non-discrimination and changing habits in the south provinces
Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, the university president conformed on the good relations with the various German universities via many research projects, missions and conferences, while Dr. Florien praised the establishments of the university and it services for surrounding community and expressed his happiness in cooperation with South Valley University.
As well as Prof. Dr. Tharwat Abd Al-Rahman, vice-president of student affair met office manger of Free University Berlin for showing data, statistics and student projects at south valley university, while Dr. Jehan Ragab Dawood, vice-dean of veterinary medicine faculty and project manager of Equal Opportunities for females in higher education at SVU declared that the project cooperates with Free University Berlin and four universities also included Cairo, Alexandria ,Sohag and south valley under auspices ministry of higher education ,while the project will include group of professors of psychology and sociology in order to analysis the social problems and finding solutions in addition to the suitable support for these problems