The 1st Day of Excellence at Faculty of Specific Education








Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the University, witnessed the First Day of Excellence and the annual exhibition at Faculty of Specific Education in 2016/2017.He asserted the importance of activating the faculty units and marketing students' products to serve the surrounding community, demanding to allocate a gallery to display the students' artistic products to be available to everyone throughout the year to see it. Additionally, Prof .Dr. Mohammed Abul Fadal Badran, Vice President for Students' Affairs, praised the distinguished role of the faculty, referring to its fields in serving the community and the relationship between the education process and community service. Prof .Dr. Sayed Taha, Previous Vice President for community service, thanked all the staff at the faculty for their outstanding work that contributed to develop the surrounding environment. The faculty achievements and students' works that contributed to develop the faculty in 2016/2017 were discussed by Dean of the Faculty Prof. Dr. Mustafa Ahmed Ali .At the End of the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour honored the researchers who got scientific degrees in 2015/2016.