The Council of the University
• (5) New faculty in Red Sea Governorate
• (23) Various convoy in summer 2012



The University Council in its meeting headed by the University President Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour agreed to:

- Establish (5) new faculty in Red Sea (Faculties of Tourism & Hotels, Oceanography and Fisheries, Languages and Translation, Petroleum and Mining Engineering and Energy Engineering) and also Faculties of Agriculture, Oceanography and Fisheries and Nursing in Aswan.

- Implement (23) various convoy in summer 2012 to (Qena, Red Sea, Luxor) in the period on 1-20 July2012.

- Hold Symposiums on Economic Knowledge in the framework of Economy Committee Activity of the Supreme Council for Culture

- Establish Department of African Studies at Faculty of Arts,Qena.

On the other hand, the council agreed to:

- Appoint (Prof. Dr. Khaled Saeed Mohammed Osman at Faculty of Science, Qena and Prof. Dr. Soad Hanafy Mahmoud at Faculty of Science, Aswan) in the position of professor.

- Grant the title of professor to Dr. Hala Khair Senary at Faculty of Education, Qena, Dr. Asma Abd Al-Aziz Ibrahim at Faculty of Science, Aswan, Hana Ahmed at Faculty of Arts, Qena and Dr. Karima Galal Abd Al-Hamid at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Qena .

- Appoint ( Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Yusuf and Dr, Eman Foad Sayed at Faculty of Science, Qena) ,Dr. Hamdalah Abd Al-Hakim at Faculty of Arts ,Qena, Dr. Ghada Salah Mohammed at Faculty of Agriculture ,Qena and Dr. Ammar Mustafa Hassan at Faculty of Energy Engineering ,Aswan) in the position of lecturer.

- Grant Doctoral Degree to Dr. Heba Fangary at Faculty of Science ,Qena and Dr. Amr Mohammed Wahbalah at Faculty of Engineering ,Aswan.

- Grant Master's Degree to( Memy Nashat Abd Al-Razek ,Asma Atallah Mahmoud and Wafaa Ahmed Hussein at Faculty of Education ,Qena) , (Nora Hassan Yusuf and Nehal Mohammed Abd Al-Mobdi )at Faculty of Science ,Qena,( Amin Shaaban ,Zaineb Ali Bakry and Noha Fekry Sayed )at Faculty of Arts,Qena, Al-Sayed Sedeek Ibrahim at Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ,Qena ,( Mohammed Azzam Abd Al-Hamid ,Mohammed Yusuf Abd Al-Rahim and Mowafy Ramadan Mowafy )at Faculty of Commerce ,Qena and Salwa Soliman Mahdy at Faculty of Education ,Aswan