Success of Simulation Model of Egyptian University


Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour, President of the University, has expressed his happiness with the success of Simulation Model of Egyptian University that was implemented by SVU .It was the first initiative in the Egyptian Universities that aimed at training and preparing young academic staff for leadership. He illustrated also the importance of such model in preparing leaders who are able to take responsibility, participate in search projects, and have a vision to serve the surrounding community. Additionally, he asserted the importance of having a plan at the university in accordance with the strategic plan of higher education and the necessity of contributing all sectors, faculties and centers in it. Moreover, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Khodary, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, suggested to establish an International cooperation and knowledge exchange office because of its importance, referring to the necessity of developing the idea by encouraging the academic staff to get scholarships and international publication and projects. Additionally, Prof. Dr. Hussein Abdel Basset, Vice Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research at Faculty of Education, asserted that the model was as a result of success achieved by Presidential Leadership Program under the auspices of President of the Republic Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, referring to the participation of 18 persons in the model and organization of many programs and workshops to discuss law of organizing universities, executive regulations, student activities, skills of effective dialogue, creative thinking, communication skills, national security and its challenges, Protocols of the University Council and international bodies that finance projects and how to apply for it. Simulation's sessions discussed also development of financial resources, establishment of University Services Center and Educational Activities & Sports Investment Center. At the end, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour distributed Certificates of Appreciation to the participants in the presence of a large number of the academic staff.