SCU Medical Sector Committee Visited Luxor Campus








Governor of Luxor Dr. Mohammed Badr and President of the University Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour met up with the Medical Sector Committee of Supreme Council of Universities to find out the available possibilities to establish Faculty of Medicine in Luxor. The delegation consisted of Secretary General of SCU Medical Sector Committee Prof. Dr. Mansour Kabbash, Dean of South Egypt Cancer Institute in Assiut Prof .Dr. Mustafa Alsharkawy and Dean of Faculty of Medicine in Benha Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Abdel Sabour. They visited Luxor General Hospital, administrative and academic building of the faculty in Al-Awamia and Orman heal Hospital in Tebah. Dr. Mohammed Badr asserted the cooperation between the government and the university, referring to the necessity of completing all procedures to establish Faculty of Medicine for its importance .Moreover, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mansour referred to the great efforts to support the medical sector with more constructions and expansions. He also added that the university has prepared to establish a farm for Faculty of Pharmacy in Qena and to open Department of Clinical Pharmacy to support the Medical Sector at the university.